We are all about The Original Supernut™ here in California.
Our farmers grow the highest quality Pecans in the world!

It's what we doWe support the growth and success of the California Pecan Industry through education, grower resources and promotion.

The California Pecan Growers Association (CPGA) represents the pecan growers of California.

We assist all levels of growers, handlers, and industry service providers with networking opportunities and education regarding pecan trees, pest management, orchard development, irrigation, and more.

We also represent California pecan growers in public relations, and federal, state, and county regulatory issues in regards to growing pecans in the state of California.

California PecansThe Native Americans have been enjoying the Pecan since the 1500s. The Algonquin Tribe’s word "pacane" translates to "Nuts requiring a stone to crack".

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We like working togetherThe CPGA was established in 1978 to assist Pecan growers to organize and work together.

Here in California we have been producing high-quality pecans since the first test fields in Kern County flourished in the mid 1960’s. We carry a proud legacy of hard workers.

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