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UC Extension Cost Study


"Sample costs to establish a pecan orchard and produce pecans in the San Joaquin and the Sacramento Valley are presented in this study. This study is intended as a guide only, and can be used to make production decisions, determine potential returns, prepare budgets and evaluate production loans. The production practices described in this study are those considered typical for growing pecans in the San Joaquin and the Sacramento Valley, but they will not apply to every situation. Sample costs for labor, materials, equipment and custom services are based on current figures. A blank column, “Your Costs”, in Tables 3 and 4 is provided to enter your farm costs."

Download the complete study (MS Word document 664K)
(the file here is the most recent DRAFT)

Effects of California Pecan Orchard Management Changes During the Last Five Years
Written by: Brian Blain, Pecan Grower
Visalia, California


This paper will discus changes that took place over the last five years on 750 acres of pecans grown by Blain Farms in Tulare and Kern counties of California. Due to the small size of the California pecan industry, many of the changes to our orchard were also seen in other California pecan orchards and are so noted. Pecan orchard management in California has changed dramatically during the last five years. To preface illustration of these changes, some California pecan history and coincident problems are important.

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